Paying for Study Abroad

Paying for Study Abroad

St. Joseph's University, New York Funding for Study Abroad

St. Joseph's University has valued study abroad by funding student study abroad experiences in faculty-led and/or semester long programs.

Freshman Experience Grant

The Office of Global Studies will award a number of grants to full-time freshmen who are enrolled in a Global Studies class and have applied for the grant. The freshman experience grant application opens in the beginning of November. Recipients find out whether they are awarded the grant before the program non-refundable deposit is due. Recipients are expected to make the full deposit.  

Travel Stipends for St. Joseph's University Faculty-Led Program

The Office of the Interim Executive Dean has made available $500 need-based stipends for students enrolling in each short-term faculty-led study abroad program (with the exclusion of the Freshman Year Experience and honors programs which are already subsidized by the University). Applicants should fill out the application for the travel stipend from the Office of the Executive Dean to be considered. Recipients find out whether they are awarded the grant before the program’s non-refundable deposit is due. Recipients are expected to make the full deposit.

Funding Semester or Year-Long Opportunities

As of spring 2014, students planning to study abroad for a semester or year may apply their financial aid, including St. Joseph's University scholarships, to the tuition costs of the program abroad. Students will be limited to using their scholarship funding for one long-term experience (semester or year).

Thanks to the generosity of the St. Joseph's University faculty members, the Global Studies Fund has been endowed. Each semester, there will be an application process for a $500 stipend, which can be applied to tuition abroad or travel expenses. 


David L. Boren Undergraduate Scholarship
The National Security Education Program provides scholarships to undergraduates who wish to study geographic areas, languages, cultures and fields of study considered important to U.S. national security.

Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship
Students who receive a Federal Pell Grant are eligible to apply. This scholarship supports undergraduates who might not otherwise participate in study abroad due to financial constraints. Additional funding is available for students who study critical needs languages.

Fulbright Program
Sponsored by the U.S. State Department, the Fulbright Program is the largest U.S. international exchange program for students, scholars and professionals. Grants are available in all fields of study.

Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholarships
Rotary International offers scholarships to promote international understanding and goodwill through study abroad. To be eligible, students must study abroad for a year or more. Academic scholarships granted by St. Joseph's University cannot be used for study abroad. For more information, visit the Institute for International Education.

Financial Aid

Federal Stafford Loan
Subsidized and unsubsidized federal student loans are available to almost all students regardless of financial need. Federal student loans are the most affordable loans available to students, with the best interest rates and deferred payments until after graduation.

Federal Parent Plus Loans
Allows parents with good credit histories to borrow money to pay their children’s education expenses. You must complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) to be eligible for the above grants and loans. For more information, visit the U.S. Department of Education.

Federal Study Abroad Scholarships

Resources for Researching and Studying Abroad

Don't Think You Can Afford to Study Abroad? You're Probably Wrong.

Here is a list of helpful websites for information on financial aid, grants and scholarships:

The Department of Education

Other Helpful Sites

A student's enrollment in a program of study abroad approved for credit by the home institution may be considered enrollment at the home institution for the purpose of applying for assistance under the federal student aid programs.