Frequently Asked Questions

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How will I know what classes to take?

At registration, you will meet with an adviser who will assist you with course selection. You will go home with your class schedule.

When is orientation, and what takes place during this program?

Orientation is held just before classes begin. Students will receive an invitation in the mail. Helpful sessions are conducted to introduce you to St. Joseph’s academics, campus services and student life opportunities. We will also provide you with information about student services and support systems, our vibrant student life, and how to get involved. Orientation helps you get to know other members of your entering class. Our student orientation leaders have designed a program to make your transition to St. Joseph’s as seamless as possible. The goal is to promote positive academic, personal and social experiences.

Is orientation mandatory?

Yes. As a new student, it is important that you are introduced to the wealth of opportunities and services at St. Joseph's University so you can avail yourself of a full collegiate experience. During the summer, the Office of Student Life will send you a full program and information on orientation activities.

Does St. Joseph's University provide services for students with disabilities?

Yes. For information about receiving classroom accommodations, contact Student Accessibility Services in the Academic Center, which is located in McEntegart Hall Room 306.

Does St. Joseph's University offer health insurance?

St. Joseph's University does not provide health insurance.  Students are required to show proof that they are enrolled in a health insurance plan or have coverage under their parents/family plan.

Students residing at the St. George/Clark Residence (off-campus housing) are required to show proof of insurance.  If a student's permanent residence is outside New York State, they should select/have a PPO plan that offers coverage throughout the United States.

International Students

It will be important to obtain healthcare coverage that provides protection in the United States.  Below are providers that can assist you:

What student clubs and activities can I join?

St. Joseph's University offers a wide array of student clubs, organizations, events and activities. Getting involved is a great way to meet new people, have fun, enhance your college experience and to gain invaluable leadership, organizational and communication skills. Brooklyn students can participate in academic, arts, Greek, multicultural, social, service, and religious organizations on campus. They can also get involved in Student Government.

How do I get involved in student clubs and activities?

At orientation, new students are introduced to our variety of student clubs and organizations. At that time, you may indicate your interest in different clubs and will be invited to attend their meetings. In addition, a Club and Activities Fair is held early in the fall semester to introduce new students to all of our clubs. You may also learn about club meetings and activities through our campus newsletter, The Spirit newspaper and the student activities calendar. Staff in our Office of Student Life can answer any questions you may have about student activities and how to get involved.

When must I declare a major?

Students must declare a major at the end of their sophomore year. However, if you are ready to select a major earlier, we encourage you to do so.

How do I get verification of my full-time enrollment at St. Joseph's University for my medical insurance?

The Office of the Registrar will prepare a letter verifying your enrollment as a full-time matriculated student for the semester (including the dates of the semester). You may obtain a letter request form from the Office of the Registrar. The registrar will give the letter to you or send it directly to your insurance company. You will likely need a letter each semester if you are 18 or older.

When will I receive my student email account?

Students who register for classes will receive a University email account. A student email address consists of the first initial of your name and your last name For example: Jane Smith would be [email protected].

Can I access my student information online?

Yes. Once you have registered for classes, you may log onto the St. Joseph's University portal to access your information. You will learn how to do this at registration and orientation.

Helpful Telephone Numbers

  • Admissions: 718.940.5800
  • Athletics: 718.940.5833
  • Billing (Bursar): 718.940.5617
  • Counseling and Wellness Services: 718.940.5734 or 718.940.5851
  • Vice President for Student Life: 718.940.5754
  • Vice President for Academic Affairs: 718.940.5858
  • Financial Aid: 718.940.5700
  • Parking Services: 718.940.5352
  • Registrar: 718.940.5400
  • Student Accessibility Services: 718.940.5851
  • Student Life: 718.940.5752
  • Residence Life: 718.940.5753