Overview of Programs

Overview of Programs

No matter what your academic interests are, you will have an adviser at St. Joseph's University, New York ready to help you.

The success of our academic programs stems in large part from the interest of the faculty in the individual student. Opportunities are provided for new students to discuss their interests and majors with a faculty member before drawing up their programs. Faculty guide students in selecting courses that best conform with their individual backgrounds.

Experiential Learning and the Common Core:

Course offerings and activities in the common core and experiential learning areas include a variety of options designed to connect purely academic course work with practical experience. Students will learn the value of service and experiential learning through interactive experiences and reflections within real-world contexts. These experiences will encourage students to forge a link between theory and practice while clarifying students’ connections to the community, the liberal arts and a variety of professions. 

All new students in their first semester at St. Joseph's University participate in the SJC 100/200 program. SJC 100 introduces freshmen to the academic skills needed by college students, regardless of their intended major. Professors tap into their own interests to create unique SJC 100 courses, highlighting their expertise and continuous commitment to learning. Though they have different themes, all of the SJC 100 courses have in common a focus on careful reading and critical thinking, writing to learn and library research skills. SJC 200 is designed for transfer students, providing them with a semester-long orientation focusing on research and writing skills, college programs and services, and the goals of a St. Joseph's University education.

The Academic Advisement Center is located on the first floor of McEntegart Hall. In addition to the faculty adviser assigned to each student, the Academic Advisement Center is staffed with professional academic advisers who can help students with course planning, departmental requirements, and planning for educational and career goals. The center also offers assistance with understanding the core curriculum, selecting classes, using the e-advising process and accessing WebAdvisor for registration, so that students are on schedule for graduation. 

Additionally, the University’s Academic Center, located in room 306 of McEntegart Hall, provides individualized tutoring across every discipline for students needing assistance with their course work. Writing skills development is also offered.

Honors Program:

The honors program at St. Joseph's University is a community of scholars striving for the highest personal and academic goals. The program aims to provide motivated students with a wide range of experiences. Selected students will take courses with dynamic faculty, have the opportunity to go on field trips both in the U.S. and abroad, and develop the skills that will allow them to excel in graduate school and in their future careers. To apply for the honors program, visit: www.sjny.edu/honorsprogram.

The Office of Career Development and Engagement, which is located in Room 205 of Tuohy Hall, provides all St. Joseph's University students with guidance, information and career-building opportunities. Our counselors will assist students in every step of the career planning process including choosing a major or career field, writing a résumé and cover letter, developing interviewing skills, searching for an internship or job and choosing a graduate school.

Counseling and Wellness Services, located in Room 215 of Tuohy Hall, provides individual counseling and promotes wellness workshops specifically designed to address the needs of the student population and to help students deal with problems and difficulties they may face. Students may seek help for a variety of reasons, including stress due to academic or personal problems, anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationship problems, family problems, bereavement, loss, trauma, abuse, alcohol or drug problems and eating disorders. These services are all confidential and not part of the student’s academic record. Services include individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, workshops and assessment services.

Student Accessibility Services,located in McEntegart Hall Room 300A, helps students with disabilities equalize educational opportunities by supporting educational development and ensuring appropriate accommodations are provided. The office is committed to serving and empowering our students to become their own best advocates.

The Health Center, our motto: “Keeping campus healthy one life at a time” serves to remind students of our commitment to assist them in meeting their health care needs while recognizing their individuality and right to privacy. The center provides emergency response to any accidents and/or injuries on the campus. By meeting student’s personal health needs, the Health Center staff supports student learning and personal growth.

The Office of Technology and Information Services has effectively integrated technology into the scholarly environment by providing our students with the tools necessary to support and enrich their academic experience. Staff is available to provide information about the technology resources and support. Students have access to several computer labs on campus that are equipped with laser printers. Computer lab assistants are always on hand to help. Wireless internet access is also available campus-wide

St. Joseph's University is committed to providing you with an outstanding education and campus life experience. We encourage you to take advantage of these and all other services we provide to support your success.

Consult our school catalog for more on academic policies.