Brooklyn Peace and Justice Studies Minor

Brooklyn Peace and Justice Studies Minor

Pursue peace. Take a stand for justice. Get ready.

Delve into issues of injustice, social conflict and war with our minor in Peace and Justice Studies. The interdisciplinary minor blends courses in religious studies, history, political science, sociology and philosophy, while encouraging students to reflect on moral and ethical values, and the application of social action struggles.

Get ready to make peace and justice a social reality with a minor in Peace in Justice Studies at our Brooklyn campus.

The Brooklyn Peace and Justice Studies Experience

Match it with Your Major: A minor in peace and justice studies complements such majors as history, political science, sociology, and religious studies


Prepare for your Future: Declaring a minor allows you the chance to specialize in your area of interest, customizing your degree to help better suit your career goals.


Experienced Professionals: Study with trained professionals who are experts in their respective fields.