Brooklyn History Degree

Brooklyn History Degree

Fascinated by the past? Looking to be a global thinker? Get ready with a St. Joseph's University, New York history degree.

If the mysteries of the past excite you, then a history degree from St. Joseph’s University is the perfect choice. Our Department of History guides students on an adventure through time, fueling their passion for the past while instilling skills vital for their future.

Declare a major in history, and prepare for a successful career in law, museum studies and government — through internships, course-related study abroad programs, community-based learning and interdisciplinary minors. Pursue your dream of educating future generations about the past, and declare a concentration in adolescence education. Or build the educational foundation for graduate school.

Work with dedicated faculty who are experts in their fields, and become someone who better understands the systems and structures that built civilizations and societies. Get ready to delve into the history of humankind to better understand the present and prepare for the future.

Michele CiprianoMichele Cipriano '17
History, Secondary Education Major

"The small population allows you to get to know students, professors, and faculty on a personal level. These relationships can help you in your academic, college and future careers.”

As of July 2020, Michelle is Teaching at Fontbonne Hall Academy while completing her doctorate in Instructional Technology.

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The Brooklyn History Major Experience

Pair it with a minor: A history major pairs well with such minors as art history, criminal justice, English, journalism and new media studies, philosophy, political science or religious studies

Research opportunities: Conduct research and present at conferences across the country, including our annual Undergraduate Research Symposium.

Global studies: Enjoy our experiential learning programs, including annual study abroad opportunities to such destinations as Germany, Italy and England, or consider spending a semester abroad with a personalized plan for your field of study. 

Learning to teach: History majors at St. Joseph's can graduate to immediately become teachers themselves with our Adolescence Education track (grades 7-12) and Child Study concentrations (grades K-6).