Featured History Students

Peter MaxhamPeter Maxham ’21
History Major with a Concentration in Adolescence Education

"I have had nothing but positive experiences with the History Department here. All of the professors have been really engaging and are more than willing to offer extra help or support, if necessary. With a wide variety of classes offered, one could easily find a history class that interests them."

Anthony RuggieroAnthony Ruggiero ’17 ’19
B.A. in History, Social Studies — Adolescence Education; M.A. in Special Education

"The St. Joseph's University history department had a significant impact on my life and helped me reach my goals through various opportunities. I was fascinated with the vast amount of knowledge my professors offered during all of the classes I took. I was also given various opportunities to expand on my research and share my findings in symposiums and conferences. It was a great learning experience and helped me earn valuable skills needed for my career as a teacher."

As of July 2020, Anthony is a History teacher at St. Agnes Academic High School in College Point, Queens.

Saudia ReidSaudia Reid ’18
Journalism and Media Studies, and History

“The history department is staffed by some of the most supportive and engaging professors. I was inspired by their passion for history and academia. The faculty works closely with their students and they were always available whenever necessary. I'm forever grateful for the help and inspiration that I received from Professor Dehne, Professor Maust and Professor Lehr.”

As of July 2020, Saudia is studying for her master's in Library and Information Science at the University of South Florida.

Michele CiprianoMichele Cipriano '17
History, Social Studies — Adolescence Education

"The History department has allowed me to explore my historical interests. There are a variety of history professors that all have different specialty areas, which allowed me to feel immersed in my different historical areas. The professors at St. Joseph's University have helped me realize that I too wish to be a professor — hopefully at St. Joe's!"

As of July 2020, Michelle is Teaching at Fontbonne Hall Academy while completing her doctorate in Instructional Technology.


Joseph GuzmanJoseph Guzman '16
History and Sociology Major

"The History department fostered a challenging and enjoyable learning environment. Through caring pedagogy, St. Joseph's University history professors provided me with much needed guidance while expanding my knowledge of domestic and global historical developments informing present-day circumstances. Their discernible passion for history and in-depth mentorship inspired me to develop my intellectual capacities to the fullest degree."

As of July 2020, Joseph is a Sociology Ph.D. candidate at Ohio State University.