Brooklyn Political Science Minor

Brooklyn Political Science Minor

Make a difference in the world. Learn about policy. Get ready.

Policy affects nearly every field of work. Take on a minor in political science at our Brooklyn campus and prepare yourself to understand the current and future policies affecting your place of work. 

Students in our program learn the ins- and- outs of policy, while sharpening their analytical, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Take advantage of our small class sizes, as well as faculty who work to foster a unique and supportive learning environment that will help you reach your goals.

Become familiar with the dynamics between organizational structures and human behavior. Understand the political, legal and regulatory processes that govern society. Get ready to apply real-world issues to any field you choose with a political science minor.

The Brooklyn Political Science Minor Experience

Advance Your Studies: Our program enhances your skill sets and opens doors to an array of potential careers, including journalism, law and management.


Talented Faculty: Our political science faculty are experienced professionals who give students valuable insight in the field.


Take Your Pick: A minor in political science complements with most of the majors at St. Joseph's University. Try pairing it with a major in business administration, criminal justice or journalism and new media studies.