Brooklyn History Minor

Brooklyn History Minor

Reflect on the past. Gain a new perspective. Get ready.

Learn the tales of history and develop a clear understanding of the world with a history minor from our Brooklyn campus. Students in the program grow comfortable thinking critically, while mastering research skills and learning to effectively communicate through the written word. 

Explore a wide range of classes in American, European and global history, along with advanced courses in traditional areas, such as Colonial America and Medieval Europe. Specialized seminars are offered in ethnicity in American life, France and the new Europe, Modern Japan, the Holocaust, the history of southern Africa, and Ireland since its independence.

Get ready to make your mark with a history minor at St. Joseph's University. 

Joseph A. GuzmanJoseph A. Guzman ’16
History and Sociology

"The St. Joseph's University history department fostered a challenging and enjoyable learning environment. Through caring pedagogy, the history professors provided me with much needed guidance while expanding my knowledge of domestic and global historical developments informing present-day circumstances. Their discernible passion for history and in-depth mentorship inspired me to develop my intellectual capacities to the fullest degree."

As of July 2020, Joseph is a Sociology Ph.D. candidate at Ohio State University.

The Brooklyn History Minor Experience

Range of Opportunities:  Students who earn a St. Joseph’s minor in history go on to work in business, communication, government, journalism, education and many other fields.


The Choice is Yours: A minor in history pairs well with such majors as child study, political science, economics and communication studies.


Internship Experience: History minors often weave internships into their college experience, applying knowledge gained in class to real-world experience.