International Student Financial Support

Information Regarding Financial Documents

St. Joseph's University is strict regarding financial documentation for two reasons:

  • We try to be as demanding as the toughest U.S. embassy or consulate and the Department of Homeland Security Centers. Our purpose is to be sure that St. Joseph's University students are not denied immigration applications because of financial questions. In order to be fair, we require all students to meet the same standards.
  • Too little money results in pain and suffering for students. We insist that families think carefully about real costs of studying and living in New York and make sure that student’s needs are provided for.

General Information:

  1. Sponsors should only promise what they can truly give to you.
  2. Bank statements must state actual dollar amounts.
  3. Documents must be current. We will not accept documents that are more than six months old
  4. Copies or faxes, not originals, need to be provided. You will need to present the originals at the American embassy when applying for an F-1 visa.
  5. Documents must be in English.
  6. Every dollar amount being promised must be proven with supporting documentation.
  7. Scholarships may be used to qualify for an I-20.
  8. Funds from sponsors and your personal funds may be combined. Any combination of support is acceptable. You can have one sponsor for all support or you can have one to promise you the cash value and one to provide you with room and board. You can sponsor yourself. Just make sure that all the financial support you have equals the total amount of the budget that we need in order to issue you an I-20. Please make sure that you provide us with evidence to go with each form of support.
  9. Try to present all documents together as soon as you have them ready.
  10. If you are going to apply for an F-1 visa in your home country, please understand that it is advisable that a part of your financial resources comes from your home country.

Funds from Sponsors

These are funds from your relatives, friends, and/or organizations that wish to sponsor you in the form of cash and/or housing and board.

Here are some examples:

  • Your sponsor (s) must provide you with a proof of their ability to sponsor you. They must give to you, along with the affidavit of support; income tax statements or bank statements or letters from an employer verifying their annual salary.
  • A sponsor can promise you housing and food, for which the cash value is listed on page 7, and the same or a different sponsor can promise you the remainder of the cost of attendance.

Sponsors please read carefully

  • Attach proof of your financial ability to the form; bank statement, income tax copies, and/or letters of employment, as well as copies of apartment lease or deed to your home if you are promising room and board.
  • Return all documents to the student as soon as possible.

Personal Funds

These are funds from your own resources. Please provide us with a completed Affidavit of Support, as well as financial documents in your name. The money can be in U.S. banks or abroad but you should have at least half in U.S. banks so that it is available for you to use immediately.

Estimated International Student Expenses

Though the budget is adequate, it does not allow for luxuries, and students may want to provide for more money, if possible.

Expenses for One Year


Tuition and Fees: $32,000
Room and Board (off campus): $15,3200
Student Health Insurance: $1,500
Books and Other Expenses: $9,500
Total Per Year: $58,332

Tuition for undergraduate studies covers 12-18 credits for each of the fall and spring semesters.


Tuition and Fees: $20,934
Room and Board (off campus): $15,332
Student Health Insurance: $1,500
Books and Other Expenses: $9,500
Total Per Year: $47,266

Tuition for graduate studies covers 9 credits each of the fall and spring semesters.


Students planning to bring a spouse or a child in F-2 status needs to change status of a spouse or child who are already in the U.S. to F-2, must show additional funds of $5,000 per year for spouse and $3,000 per year for each child.