Long Island Legal Studies Minor

Long Island Legal Studies Minor

Get ready to understand the rule of law with a minor in legal studies at St. Joseph’s University.

Whether you’ve imagined yourself being an advocate for people in need, you want to effect a positive change on society, or you’re planning on attending law school or being a public servant, St. Joseph’s University’s legal studies minor is the perfect fit for you. At. St. Joseph’s University, our pre-law program encourages students to think critically about the process by which laws are passed, enforced and interpreted, as well as the direct impact laws have on society.

Students minoring in legal studies consider the role advocacy plays in altering the results and effects of laws on individuals. Our courses help prepare students for law school and other important careers related to law and public service. By working closely with the social sciences, criminal justice, history, philosophy and business departments, our students receive a rich, broad domain of knowledge.

Cheyenne Boulden ’21
B.S. in Organizational Management with a minor in Legal Studies

"When I started college, I knew I wanted to become an attorney. St. Joseph’s University’s pre-law program thoroughly prepared and guided me through the vigorous law school application process. I am grateful for the support I had."

The Long Island Legal Studies Minor Experience

Career Opportunities: With a minor in legal studies, students sharpen their skills necessary to succeed as a legal advocate. Our graduates go on to practice in criminal, matrimonial, real estate, civil litigation and corporate law.


Law School Prep: Students have access to the counseling and preparation needed to make applying to law school easy. We advise students and help them craft their personal statement.


Be LSAT-Ready: Learn the key strategies needed to conquer the law school admissions test.