Long Island Pre-Law Program

Long Island Pre-Law Program

Understand the rule of Law. Learn to be an advocate. Get ready.

Gain a wealth of resources with St. Joseph's University’s pre-law program. Students interested in practicing law have access to free LSAT prep, special events and law school application assistance, as well as resources designed to prepare them for the hard work and critical thinking needed to be successful in law school.

With our pre-law program, not only can students declare a minor in legal studies, but they also have access to internships, volunteer opportunities and law school tours. Graduates of St. Joseph's University have gone on to study at a variety of excellent law schools, including Washington College of Law at American University, University of Minnesota School of Law, Stetson University College of Law and St. John's University School of Law. 

Students interested in law school can major in any number of programs, such as business, criminal justice, English, history, organizational management, philosophy, psychology, religious studies, social sciences and speech. 

Get ready to study at top law schools across the country.

Michael MeyersMichael Meyers ’08, Esq.
Partnered lawyer at Petroske Riezenman & Meyers, P.C.

"Even though I have litigated hundreds of cases, I still find myself referring to legal concepts I first learned as a student at St. Joseph's University. The pre-law program at St. Joseph's University will help you think critically, argue persuasively, and embolden your ethics — elements which are essential to becoming a good lawyer. There is no better place to prepare for your education and career in law than here at St. Joseph's University."

The Long Island Pre-Law Experience

Internship Opportunities: Internships and volunteer experiences give students golden opportunities to see what they learn inside the classroom come to life, all while further enhancing their résumés. St. Joseph's University students have served internships at courthouses and local law firms, while others have worked on political campaigns.


Law School Prep: Learn the key strategies needed to conquer the LSAT. Receive the counseling and preparation you need to make applying to law school easy. We will advise you and help you craft your personal statement. 


Get Involved Outside the Classroom: With the University’s very own branch of the international, professional legal fraternity Phi Alpha Delta, students have access to a myriad of benefits, events and resources, as well as a network of more than 330,000. 

Pre-Law Programs

Legal Studies Minor
Prepare for your future in law.

A Legal Studies minor sharpens the skills necessary to succeed as a legal advocate. Our students go on to practice in criminal, matrimonial, real estate, civil litigation and corporate law.