Vision Statement

The faculty recognizes the importance of having all degree candidates acquire skills, dispositions and in-depth knowledge of the subject matter they plan to teach, as well as an understanding of the impact on a student learner. To this end, a solid liberal arts background is aligned with national, state and professional standards. 

Teacher candidates participate in meaningful learning experiences and are introduced to developmental and learning style theories, constructivism, multiple intelligence theories and the best pedagogical practices that support instruction for all students. As a faculty, we value and nurture ongoing dialogue and strategic planning regarding the quality and performance of our teacher candidates and graduates.


  • Nurtures the intellectual, physical, emotional, social and civic potential of each student
  • Creates, supports and maintains challenging learning environments for all students
  • Collaborates with colleagues and other professionals in the interest of student learning
  • Advances the intellectual and ethical foundation of the learning community.

Through course work and field experiences, teacher candidates create and reflect on instructional practices and strategies that are meaningful to student learners, inquiry-based and value student diversity. By nurturing reflective practice, the faculty supports our candidates’ development of practical knowledge and a personal philosophy of teaching that is experiential, personal and grounded in theory.