Long Island Economics Major

Long Island Economics Major

Explore economic analysis. Understand how markets work. Get Ready.

Pursue a bachelor’s in economics at St. Joseph's University and learn how thinking like an economist brings clarity to historical and contemporary issues, illuminating how complex social mechanisms work. Discover how economic models help us understand topics ranging from prescription drug pricing to the structure of the NFL draft.

Our economics program combines a rigorous theoretical introduction to such seminal thinkers as Smith, Malthus, Marx and Keynes, with economic analysis of diverse fields, including labor relations, competition policy, globalization and trade, and health.

Economics students at St. Joseph’s graduate with the analytical and critical-thinking skills essential for success in a growing and exciting field. Get ready to make your mark in the world with a bachelor’s in economics.

Summer HenriksenSummer Henriksen ’18
Business Major, Economics Minor

"The professors at St. Joseph’s make economics an interesting subject — something that is used in our everyday life. They ensure each student is succeeding and understands the complexities of everyday economics. I can apply this subject to my future career in law.”

The Long Island Economics Major Experience

Career Opportunities: A degree in economics opens doors to a vast choice of potential careers, such as business and finance, communications, law, computer programming, economic consulting, education and government.

Internship Experience: While pursuing a degree in economics, students are encouraged to build internships around their jobs, applying the knowledge they learn in class to real-world experience.

Minors that Matter: Not sure you want to major in economics? Pair an economics minor with such majors as accounting, adolescence education, business administration, journalism and new media studies, marketing, mathematics and computer science, and political science.