Office of Counseling and Wellness


The mission of the Office of Counseling and Wellness is to support the overall well-being of St. Joseph's University students by providing comprehensive and collaborative services and programming. We strive to provide support and resources that are inclusive and accessible to all students. 


Our vision is to develop integrative models that advance health and well-being and lead to a healthier and more productive academic community through a commitment to the very best service. 

Counseling and Wellness

The Office of Counseling and Wellness was founded on the belief that good mental health is necessary to become a positive and productive member of society. Therefore, our center provides a wide range of services that supports the holistic development of all students in body, mind and spirit. These services are available for students to get the support they need to make the most out of their college experience and to flourish both academically and socially.

The Office of Counseling and Wellness was founded on the belief that good mental health is necessary for personal, academic, and professional success.

Based on the nature of the concern, the counselor will assist the student in the development of an individualized action plan to address the concern. Some steps to expect are as follows:

  • Clarify: current issues and stressors students are facing
  • Explore: the origins and connections of current issues and stressors 
  • Reduce stress: minimize perceived and actual stress among students 
  • Develop skills: increase coping skills and strategies available to students
  • Provide support: advocate for positive social support systems on campus

It is recommended that students seek help and support when problems arise. We encourage all students who are experiencing difficulties that could compromise their ability to remain at St. Joseph's University to contact us immediately to set up an appointment to meet with a counselor. Prevention, outreach, education and immediate consultation services are available to students, parents, faculty and staff, and are important in promoting emotional and psychological well being, academic success and safety on campus.

The Office of Counseling and Wellness provides individual counseling and promotes wellness workshops and holistic programs specifically designed to address the needs of the student population. Individual and group counseling, crisis intervention, meditation training, consultation and assessment services are available, free of charge, to help students deal with problems and difficulties that they are facing. Our counseling and wellness services include:

  • Individual counseling
  • Wellness counseling
  • Group counseling
  • Wellness consultations
  • Meditation classes
  • Mental health screenings
  • Crisis intervention
  • Medical leaves of absence
  • Health and medical records
  • Referral services
  • Community outreach
  • Wellness workshops and events
  • Psycho-educational workshops

Students may seek help for a variety of reasons including stress due to academic or personal problems, anxiety, depression, loneliness, relationship problems, family problems, bereavement, loss, trauma, abuse, alcohol or drug problems, eating disorders and much more. These services are all confidential and not part of the academic school record.

Services are available in English and Spanish.