Diversity & Inclusion Organizations

Black Student Association

As an organization, we strive to raise awareness, spread culture and acknowledge issues concerning the black community. Most of our events focus on the history of racism and prejudices by having open conversations about past and present events. We also take the time to appreciate and promote the black community by sharing our culture through performances, games, and movie nights. Through this, we open the doors to a more diverse and accepting atmosphere in this school's community.

Caribbean Student Association

The goal of this association is to create a sense of community at St. Joe's, where students from the Caribbean can feel safe to share their unique experience but also make new friends. CSA wants to educate, promote and share our diversity when it comes to language, culture, background and more by engaging in fun activities.

All are welcome who are interested in learning more about Caribbean culture and want to be part of our community.

International Students Union

The purpose of the International Students Union is to support the educational journey of its members at St. Joseph's University while providing academic and social support in a fun and inclusive environment.


Paesani celebrates Italian-American heritage while simultaneously educating the rest of the campus on the rich culture that extends far beyond food.

Poder Latino

Poder Latino's purpose is to promote Latino/Hispanic culture throughout St. Joseph's University by educating others about the music, traditions or holidays, and history in Latin countries. During meetings and events, we will discuss prominent political and immigration issues, facts about special traditions, and have fun with food and music to dance to. In short words, our hope is to let our St. Joseph's community and beyond, see the great result DIVERSITY can bring to the student's success.

Pride Club

This organization seeks to create a stronger sense of community amongst the St. Joseph's students who identify as, or know someone who is a part of the LGBTQA+ community as well as host events that educate and bring awareness to the issues facing their community. This club is a safe space for everyone!

South Asian Students Association

The South Asian Students Association aims to raise cultural understanding of the different cultures of the Asian continent.

Women's Empowerment Club

Women's Empowerment Club seeks to encourage, support, inspire, and motivate our University community to work together to promote positive feminism.