College Experience Alumni

From participating in the College Experience as high school students to joining St. Joseph's University, New York as full-time undergraduates, here are two recent College Experience alumnae who chose us for their college education.

Omila HarilalOmila Harilal ’20
Mathematics and Computer Science

"I received the opportunity to attend classes at the Brooklyn Campus for college credit during my junior year in high school. It was an enlightening experience that assured me St. Joseph's University had so much to offer to its students, and that it was the perfect place for me to flourish in both my studies and life long friendships. Also, my sister truly inspired me to attend St. Joseph's University. It was hearing about her encounters at the University and seeing the resolute dedication she possessed for her studies that ultimately convinced me to make my final decision."

Valentina VelezValentina Velez ’20

"I came for the College Experience program my junior year of high school. I really liked the environment that the school gave, as well as the teachers and students. After graduation I was looking at other colleges, but it was St. Joe's that stood out the most. I was always interested in biology, but after taking a St. Joseph's University College Experience biology class I knew a biology degree was what I wanted."