Brooklyn Music History Minor

Brooklyn Music History Minor

Delve into the musical past. Prepare for your future. Get ready.

Explore and understand music of the past with a Music History minor.

A minor in Music History can benefit students in a variety of majors, providing such important life skills as problem-solving, communication, data analysis and the ability to work independently and as part of a team.  

For example, a journalism and new media studies major who minors in Music History could pursue a career in music criticism.

At our Brooklyn campus, students who minor in Music History take an array of courses, including an introduction to music from around the world (popular, trending and indigenous); the history of jazz, the symphony and Latin American music; and two semesters of music in motion pictures. Students also get the flexibility they need, as all required music history courses can be completed fully online.

Jonathan Oca ’22
Psychology Major with Minors in Music History, and Mindfulness and Contemplative Living

"I took my first music course at St. Joe’s my freshman year, and I loved it ever since. Professor Bernardyn’s music courses allowed me to have a break from more rigorous courses, while tapping into a lighter and fun atmosphere. My perception of music enhanced, seeing how powerfully it influences our emotions, connections, cinemas, and cultures overall. That’s why I didn’t hesitate when Professor Bernardyn offered me the opportunity to take up music history as a minor. If I were to continue my psychology pursuits, I wouldn’t rule out music therapy as part of my future practice. But as of right now, I plan to continue using music as a way to connect to myself and others, and appreciate the art in itself."

The Brooklyn Music History Minor Experience

Majors that Matter: A minor in music history pairs well with such majors as Journalism and New Media Studies, Business Administration, Marketing, Child Study and Criminal Justice.

Get Involved Outside the Classroom: Want to take your passion for music and the arts to the next level? Consider joining the Diamonds Dance Team as a creative outlet.

Improve Your Marketability: Declaring a minor in college not only makes a student more marketable when entering the workforce after graduating, it also deepens their thinking and worldview, according to U.S. News & World Report.