Mindfulness and Contemplative Living Minor

Mindfulness and Contemplative Living Minor

Find your inner clarity.

Mindfulness and contemplative practices boost clarity, enhance concentration and reduce stress and anxiety. Contributing to overall well-being, mindfulness and contemplative living allow people to develop and maintain self-control, objectivity, emotional intelligence, kindness and compassion. 

Over a century ago, Buddhist practitioners introduced mindfulness into the field of behavioral health in the United States. In the last three decades, scientific studies have repeatedly demonstrated its usefulness. And in recent years, mindfulness and contemplative practices have become part of the American mainstream.

Hospitals, schools and corporations are among the many workplace settings where mindfulness and contemplative practices are applied with great success. Commercial businesses, government agencies, religious groups, law firms, prisons and the military offer training in these areas.

Now our Brooklyn campus does, too.

This 18-credit minor combines knowledge from the areas of psychology, religious studies, philosophy, communication studies and physical education

This minor is ideal for students looking to work in positions in helping fields, such as mental health counselors, clinical social workers, pastor counseling, creative art therapists or speech pathologists.