Brooklyn Psychology Department

Brooklyn Psychology Department

Be curious. Be mindful. Be inspired with St. Joseph's University, New York Psychology.

Indulge your sense of wonder with our Department of Psychology. Our intimate class sizes foster a unique and supportive learning environment in which you stand to learn more about yourself and other people than just about anywhere else! Carve your own path based on your interests, with courses on neuroscience, social influence, motivation, human development, forensics, research design and more.

Cultivate self-awareness by pairing your psychology major with our mindfulness and contemplative living minor. Develop clarity, wisdom and compassion through practices that build positive well-being and valuable skills. These mindfulness techniques are currently being applied with great success in a wide range of workplace settings.

Nothing compares to experiential learning. Whether it’s through a research internship with one of our talented faculty, our Advanced Research Seminar course or simply in pursuit of your psychology major, our Department of Psychology gives you the opportunity to design and conduct original research and get hands-on training every step of the way. You can even celebrate your research at our annual Research Symposium!

Nazerke Akilova '22
Psychology Major

"Looking back at my time at St. Joseph's, I realize how profoundly transformative my experience was. You know how they say, college is for self-exploration? I can confidently say that while most of the discoveries are self-motivated, the St. Joseph's community definitely provides you with the opportunity to accomplish much-needed growth. I was able to build trust in my own voice while feeling challenged toward greater understanding and achievement. The invaluable skills and insights I have gained through psychology and the mindfulness track became crucial to a career and overall quality of my life."

Hear From Our Psychology Students

The Brooklyn Psychology Experience

Research Experience: Learn how to design, administer, and analyze original research. Gain the experience that will give you an edge on the competition in graduate school and beyond.


Liberal Arts Tradition: Students are immersed in the liberal arts tradition with an emphasis on the latest research and thinking in education


Global Study: Travel abroad with our psychology-related global studies programs. Past destinations include Romania, Oxford and Taiwan.


Psychology Major
What can you do with a degree in psychology?

Psychology offers a basic understanding of humans, which is a fundamental part of many professions. Employers from all fields like to hire candidates with psychology degrees because such individuals are able to problem-solve and can analyze information from a different lens — by examining what motivates people and what causes them to behave in specific ways.



Psychology Minor
Pave the way to your career path.

With a minor in psychology, students leave St. Joseph’s University with advanced knowledge of current psychology trends and practices. Enhance your résumé by picking psychology courses that complement your major from a diverse list of electives.



Mindfulness and Contemplative Studies Minor
Take your career further. 

This interdisciplinary minor offers students skills and knowledge from the areas of psychology, religious studies, philosophy, communication studies and physical education. It is ideal for students looking to work in positions in helping fields, such as mental health counseling, clinical social work, pastor counseling, creative art therapy and speech pathology.



Industrial-Organizational Psychology Certificate
Develop expertise in an exciting area of psychology.

Individuals with knowledge of industrial-organizational psychology apply psychological principles to a variety of work-related areas, including human resources, employee testing and selection, training and development, and policy development. These principles are used to explore work satisfaction, productivity and health of employees.


Concentration in Psychology for Child Study
A boost to your already-impressive teaching résumé.

Prepare for your future in teaching with a concentration in psychology. Become the best educator you can by exploring how people learn and applying it to your teaching methodology.


Contemporary offerings for a changing world.

Our Brooklyn campus now offers its psychology majors a specialty track in industrial-organizational (IO) psychology. IO psychologists delve into the interface of psychology and the workplace. They have a variety of responsibilities, including enhancing work productivity and satisfaction, managing mental health issues in the workplace, personnel selection and human resources.