Brooklyn Mathematics Major

Brooklyn Mathematics Major

Think analytically. Solve mathematical equations. Get ready.

Master the universal language of mathematics and take on the world with a mathematics degree from our Brooklyn campus. 

Math experts have exceptional problem-solving skills and reasoning abilities, which can be used to solve many real-world issues. Use your mathematical strengths to conquer careers in architecture, art, finance, business, or engineering. Whatever your career choice, our bachelor’s degree in mathematics will give you the foundational skills to succeed in any field. 

Learn from experienced professors and develop expertise in analytical thought, calculating complex equations, and finding new solutions to everyday problems.

The Brooklyn Mathematics Major Experience

Hard Work Pays Off: The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that the median pay for all mathematical scientists in 2019 was $94,280.


Pair it with a Minor: A major in mathematics pairs well with such minors as business administration, computer information technology, chemistry or economics. 


Internship Experience: Mathematics majors are encouraged to take on internships, applying the concepts learned in the classroom to real-life experiences. 

Preparing For a Graduate Degree?

We offer a B.S. in mathematics for those looking for moving on to a secondary degree in the field.