Brooklyn Economics Minor

Brooklyn Economics Minor

Learn economic theory. Become a fiscal expert. Get ready.

Immerse yourself in the intricacies of economics and develop a clear understanding of fiscal challenges with an economics minor from our Brooklyn campus. Students in the program grow comfortable with economic theory, while mastering decision-making skills and learning to effectively manage finances. 

Economics is a versatile minor that prepares students to thrive in a wide range of disciplines. Our students gain coveted skills, easily transferable to many fields, including business, political science and sociology.

Get ready to make a difference with an economics minor at St. Joseph's University.

The Brooklyn Economics Minor Experience

A Range of Opportunity: A minor in economics prepares graduates for such jobs as a budget analyst, financial analyst, management consultant, or marketing manager.


Internship Experience: Economics minors often weave internships into their college experience, applying knowledge gained in class to real-world experience.


Knowledgeable Faculty: Our economics faculty are experienced professionals who give students valuable insight in the field.