The Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Management (IHTM)

The Institute for Hospitality and Tourism Management (IHTM)

The programming and research arm of the HTM program is committed to developing events and studies executed by students, benefiting the local and broader community.

The institute is an important part of the HTM ecosystem. Through IHTM, we organize a range of programs intended not only to benefit our students, but also industry professionals. We also conduct research with the help of our students. Additionally, we’re excited to announce our inaugural class of IHTM Junior Fellows.


IHTM funds programs like "Art in a Bottle," "Hospitality Included," "The Truth About Sugar," "Not So Scary Foods," and "Airline Expo." Many of these programs are developed with the assistance of industry colleagues, as well as a collaboration with the Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce.


Each semester, we take on a different research project. In the past, students have done feasibility studies for international resorts, developed new revenue streams for golf clubs and explored educational aspirations of industry practitioners.

Junior Fellows

IHTM seeks to install the next generation of hospitality and tourism leaders by identifying high school students with great industry potential. Those chosen work on a range of projects, helping to plan and execute IHTM programs. Fellows are invited to spend time with industry professionals and participate in field trips.