Brooklyn Biology Department

Brooklyn Biology Department

At the heart of the Department of Biology is a philosophy based on experiential learning.

The vast majority of our biology classes have laboratories associated with them. In addition, starting in junior year, all majors initiate the exciting and challenging process of preparing a senior thesis, under the direction of a faculty mentor. Each year students present their field, internship and thesis work at the annual St. Joseph's University Undergraduate Research Symposium, and at other regional and national scientific conferences.

To provide greater career flexibility, all biology majors must meet the same academic standards whether preparing for careers in the health-related, education or research fields. The outstanding academic program, while rigorous, is eminently successful and boasts a high rate of acceptance to professional schools. In the field of education, our biology students can prepare for teaching the subject at the secondary level. Combining courses in biology and adolescence education produces graduates who are valued and recruited by the educational community.