ACES English Courses

ACES English Courses

ACES is no ordinary English program.

ACES students take the following for-credit courses in the ACES Program:

  • SJNY 100: Freshman Seminar, 4 credits taken in the fall semester of a student's first year.
  • ENG 103: Writing for Effective Communication, 5 credits taken in the spring semester of a student's first year.
  • ENG 115; The Short Story, 3 credits taken in the fall semester of a student's second year.

SJNY 100 and ENG 103 are required courses for all SJNY students. ENG 115 fulfills a core requirement for graduation.

ACES students will take these reading- and writing-intensive courses with other students enrolled in the program. Class professors will be ACES faculty members with experience instructing students whose first language is not English. 

For your coursework, you will write essays and short in-class pieces, deliver oral presentations, and read literature by a diverse group of authors. You will collaborate with your classmates in discussions, brainstorming activities and the editorial process, and work one-on-one with professors and tutors in a supportive studio environment. 

Who Can Enroll?

The ACES program at St. Joseph's University has benefitted students from more than seventy-five countries, including almost every country in Latin America and the Middle East, and much of Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. 

Most ACES Students Have:

  • Come to the U.S. within the last eight years or have chosen to study in the U.S. for college.
  • Completed their required high school English language coursework.
  • Acquired a good foundation in reading, writing and speaking English.