Online Bachelor’s Degree Programs

Continue your higher education with a bachelor's degree.

B.S. in Criminal Justice Practice and Policy
Develop individual analytical and critical thinking.

The dynamic, multidisciplinary criminal justice degree at St. Joseph’s engages students in a number of areas, including sociology, political science, psychology, philosophy, forensic bioscience and criminal justice. The criminal justice program offers specialized classes in the field within a broad liberal arts curriculum, and graduates emerge with the critical thinking skills, reflective world view and career flexibility to pursue graduate studies or enter the job market.

Unlike other programs, the degree focuses more on evidence-based practices known to be effective in the field, criminal justice policy analysis to assess alternative responses to crime and quantitative applications — all of which are essential skills for the advancing professional.

The online Bachelor of Sciences degree in Criminal Justice Practice and Policy at St. Joseph's University is a distinct program generated for the criminal justice professional already working in the field, but who needs a college degree in order to further advance their career.



B.S. in General Studies
Meet, and make, yourself.

The B.S. in General Studies is a highly flexible academic option, especially suited for adult students who want an innovative learning experience that develops 21st-century competencies. The program builds on personalized attention from an advisor who will help design an academic pathway centered on a student’s strengths, prior education, experience and goals.

Many adults pursuing a career change take advantage of this degree and several pursue a master’s degree with more detailed coursework in their area of concentration towards a career.

Students pursuing a major in general studies may also elect to earn certificates to better structure their programs.

An individualized degree plan is assembled from a wide array of courses and certificate programs, ensuring that general studies students hone personal and professional skills essential to graduating with a well-rounded and marketable education.



B.S. in Health Administration
Start your health care career, and lead the way.

Health administration covers a wide spectrum of professions, and many of our online students already have credentials in the health fields. Some are in radiologic technology, nursing and medical records. Others, though, are just seeking to enhance their career prospects through this program.

Our B.S. in Health Administration develops administrative skills and knowledge through an extensive curriculum that includes organizational behavior, comprehensive health planning, human resources management, long-term health care administration, staff development, financial management and home care administration.

This major fosters the development of knowledge skills, intellectual skills, and personal value systems. The program provides students with the opportunity to explore and understand diverse ideas and cultures as they relate to the provision of health care services.



B.S. in Human Resources
Prepare for a career in human resources management.

The new Bachelor of Science in Human Resources (HR) degree is a 120-credit program with course offerings that include Alternative Dispute Resolution, Employee Benefits Management, Organizational Development, Talent Management and compensation. The degree is designed to prepare students for a career in human resources management.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual salary for an HR manager is $102,780 and they project job growth for HR managers to increase by nine percent through 2024.

Human resource management is a growing field, and there has been a demand for human resource majors from the employers who offer our students internships and jobs. With already established graduate and certificate programs in the area and an existing Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) Alignment Agreement, St. Joseph’s University has a strong foundation on which to build. The program has faculty expertise, established courses and a proven model for success.



B.S. in Human Services
Want to make a positive impact? Start here.

Addictions counselors, mental health workers, assisted living managers and outreach workers are all potential career opportunities in this field.

Our online bachelor’s degree in human services leads to a diverse collection of career and educational opportunities, including graduate studies in social work, mental health counseling and human services administration. The programs include specialized courses in addictions counseling, case management, gerontology, family and child welfare, as well as human services administration. 



B.S. in Organizational Management
Advance your career.

Employees in almost every field seek career advancement. This online degree program is vital in every field of business.

The Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management exposes leaders to the concepts that allow them to make better decisions. The structure of institutions as it relates to decision-making is reviewed to assist students in understanding the impact of company structures on business success.

The program fosters career and educational advancement, promotes managerial effectiveness by providing working adults with the knowledge and skills to effectively manage their human capital.  The B.S. in Organizational Management provides leaders with cutting edge strategies that empower them to successfully run organizations. Supervisors or managers with specialized training and substantial work experience would benefit from this program.

All of the requirements for the degree can be completed from your computer. With experienced faculty and support services for online learners, including a dedicated academic advisor, the University is committed to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.

Whether earning your bachelor’s degree or building your master’s, online learning is a valuable resources for you. Online education is flexible, accessible at any time and allows you the opportunity to learn at your own pace. Our online instructors provide a wealth of knowledge and tools for you to use.