Online General Studies Program

Online General Studies Program

Some students cannot be categorized.

The B.S. in General Studies is a unique program that allows student to learn horizontally across multiple disciplines and areas. Who are general studies majors? Individuals looking to advance in the workplace. Explorers. Those who see the breadth of life and knowledge-rich pockets of information, not just in one content area, but in all.

Our General Studies program brings global learners and educators directly to your computer. Bring yourself, and an open mind, and find your next step. 

B.S. in General Studies
Meet, and make, yourself.

The B.S. in General Studies is a highly flexible academic option, especially suited for adult students who want an innovative learning experience that develops 21st-century competencies. The program builds on personalized attention from an advisor who will help design an academic pathway centered on a student’s strengths, prior education, experience and goals.

Many adults pursuing a career change take advantage of this degree and several pursue a master’s degree with more detailed coursework in their area of concentration towards a career.

Students pursuing a major in general studies may also elect to earn certificates to better structure their programs.

An individualized degree plan is assembled from a wide array of courses and certificate programs, ensuring that general studies students hone personal and professional skills essential to graduating with a well-rounded and marketable education.




How do you identify yourself?

St. Joseph’s University online students may identify themselves as problem solvers, critical thinkers, leaders, innovators. Whatever the description, their aspirations demand creativity. Through a flexible curriculum, the online B.S. in General Studies will help you achieve that goal.