Online Criminal Justice Program

Online Criminal Justice Program

The field you knew you were suited for meets the opportunity you've been waiting for.

Our approach to crime has changed significantly in the past generation. That's why St. Joseph's University is making it's popular criminal justice program available online with courses that are affecting the job market. There’s a big market for corrections and a need for technology in the field. Get the advantage you need with an online degree in criminal justice.

Criminal Justice Online offers students a valuable opportunity to apply fundamental concepts of criminal justice and criminology to analyze crime data, investigate crime settings and evaluate strategies. Learn from expert criminologists and develop individual analytical and critical thinking. Become problem solvers in the vast and challenging field of criminal justice and criminology.

B.S. in Criminal Justice Practice and Policy

The dynamic, multidisciplinary criminal justice degree at St. Joseph’s engages students in a number of areas, including sociology, political science, psychology, philosophy, forensic bioscience and criminal justice. The criminal justice program offers specialized classes in the field within a broad liberal arts curriculum, and graduates emerge with the critical thinking skills, reflective world view and career flexibility to pursue graduate studies or enter the job market.

Unlike other programs, the degree focuses more on evidence-based practices known to be effective in the field, criminal justice policy analysis to assess alternative responses to crime and quantitative applications — all of which are essential skills for the advancing professional.

The online Bachelor of Sciences degree in Criminal Justice Practice and Policy at St. Joseph's University is a distinct program generated for the criminal justice professional already working in the field, but who needs a college degree in order to further advance their career.




Build your mind

Critical thinking develops leaders among our students who will not become obsolete as the criminal justice landscape changes. Under the tutelage of our professors and lifelong practitioners, you’ll have the capacities to grow, the thinking skills to excel and, hopefully, the ambition to adapt. Use this degree to enter numerous professions, including law enforcement, law, social work and more.