Online Readiness Self-Assessment

Decide if an online class is right for you.

Gaining an effective education through online courses demands a different set of skills than an in-person class. Students should go into the program with a clear understanding of the type of commitment required to succeed in the online environment. Gauge your level of readiness by using the below assessment. 

This assessment is for informational purposes only and is not required for enrollment.

Answers that indicate an online course is a good choice.   Weight   Answers that indicate an online class may not be a good choice.
I am comfortable and proficient at creating, saving, locating, and opening different types of files on a computer. 1 I am not comfortable or proficient working with files on a computer.
I have reliable access to a high-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable, dorm, etc) 2 I have regular access only to a dial-up modem for Internet access.
I know how to check my official email account and I can access it regularly to check for new messages. 1 I have never checked my official email account.
I have access to a webcam and microphone for simple multimedia participation. 2 I do not have a webcam and microphone, or I will need to borrow those things.
I have no problem retaining information if I read it. 2 I retain information better if I hear it spoken directly to me.
I am comfortable using online discussion forums. 1 I have never really posted messages to an online forum before.
I am usually able to stay on task and avoid distractions (texting, Facebook) while studying. 3 I get distracted easily while studying and need a lot of time to accomplish my work.
I am very good at planning and managing my time so that my work is on time and complete. 4 I am ok with time management but have had to ask professors for extensions in the past.
Setting aside a regular 5-8 hours per week to devote to an online class is possible for me. 3 It's hard for me to predict when I'll be able to do the online work.
I have little or no trouble expressing myself in writing using formal grammar and spelling. 3 I have found using formal grammar and spelling to be a challenge in expressing myself.
I am comfortable learning through individual reading and study. 3 I usually need direct explanation by an instructor and face-to-face interaction with peers to feel comfortable learning material.
I can learn from a variety of formats (lectures, videos, podcasts, online discussion/conferencing). 2 My learning style usually requires a structured lecture at its core.
I know how to log in to Canvas and I am familiar with using the most common tools. 1 I have little or no experience accessing and using Canvas.
I have my own relatively new computer (2-3 years old) onto which I can install any additional software necessary for the course. 3 My computer is 5-7 years old.
I use the computer labs on campus or someone else's to do my work.
If I can't figure out something, I am comfortable asking my classmates or the instructor for help via email, discussion board, or chat. 4 Meeting with my professor in-person to ask questions is more comfortable for me.
Online is good choice ⇐
⇒ Online may not be a good choice


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