Listed below are several resources and frequently asked questions for people with a disability and for those who would like more information on disabilities. You will find links to various websites related to the various disability categories, information on scholarship opportunities, websites for employment opportunities, important terms to know, VESID offices for the surrounding areas of both our Long Island and Brooklyn campuses and other additional resources.

How much will it cost me to utilize the disability services at St. Joseph's University?

Nothing. All services provided by St. Joseph's University are free of charge.

What services are available for me at St. Joseph's University?
All the services provided by St. Joseph's University are based on the student’s specific individual needs. It is our commitment to provide reasonable accommodations based on the student’s needs as well as documentation regarding his/her disability.

Will Student Accessibility Services contact me if I decide to attend St. Joseph's University?
The student must make the first contact with Student Accessibility Services. Students should contact the coordinator as soon as they have been accepted to the University and prior to commencing classes in order to best meet the student’s needs.

Can faculty or staff be told what my disability is?
No. However, two circumstances warrant a faculty/staff access to specific information about a student’s disability: 1. The student gives permission to Student Accessibility Services to disclose the disability to faculty/staff; 2. It is determined that there is a need to know. This circumstance usually occurs when there is a threat to harm a person or property.

How long will the office keep documentation?
Student Accessibility Services keeps documentation for five years after the student has stopped attending St. Joseph's University.

Can students change their minds about using or not using accommodations?
Yes, but accommodations are never retroactive. A student cannot set up accommodations and expect to be able to retake exams prior to registering for accommodations.

Will the Faculty Notification Forms be automatically given to students every semester?
Faculty Notification Forms are not issued automatically. Each semester students must make an appointment with the office to request accommodations.

I have a temporary disability from a fall or accident; can Student Accessibility Services help me?
Yes. We work with students who have acquired temporary disabilities and will provide the appropriate accommodations for the amount of time required to heal. 

How do I contact Student Accessibility Services?
Long Island Campus: O'Connor Hall, Room N304 - 631.687.1426