Guide to Obtaining Accommodations and Services at St. Joseph’s University, New York

  1. Schedule an Intake Appointment (call: 631-687-1426 or email: [email protected])
    • Self-identify that you are a student with a disability
    • Fill out and complete the intake form
    • Discuss:
      • Your educational goals
      • How your disability affects you in a college setting
      • What documentation you need
      • What accommodations you used in the past
      • Request accommodations:
        • Must not fundamentally alter the nature of the program, activity or service
        • Cannot give an unfair advantage
        • Must be directly related to your disability
  2. Provide Documentation 
    • Documentation must be:
      • Current — no more than three years old
      • Provide a detailed diagnosis
      • Based on adult assessment and norms
      • Signed by an appropriate professional who can diagnose and treat
      • Shows a substantial limitation to a major life activity
      • Supports appropriate accommodations that provide equal access
      • Students with psychological/psychiatric disabilities should document a current treatment plan and report from a doctor with whom they are under treatment
    • Documentation can be brought in by the student or faxed directly to Student Accessibility Services Documentation must be provided prior to or at the intake appointment
  3. Accommodation Approval Process
    • Your documentation and intake will be assessed by the coordinator for Student Accessibility Services. It takes up to two weeks to process this request.
    • You will be contacted regarding the results
    • If approved, a follow-up appointment will be set up with Student Accessibility Services
    • If more documentation is needed, you will be informed about what you need to provide in order to qualify for accommodations
  4. Accommodation Appointment
    • Discuss accommodations that you are entitled to receive
    • Learn the policies and procedures for accessing each accommodation
    • Fill out a Student Accessibility Services Request Form
    • Receive the Notification of Student Accommodation Form(s) for each class you are requesting services for
  5. Receiving Accommodations in the Classroom
    • Deliver the Notification of Student Accommodation Form(s) to each of your professors
    • Make accommodation requests throughout the semester in a timely manner; some requests require arrangements to be made
    • Inform the professor/Student Accessibility Services of problems with accommodations as soon as they arise
  6. Receiving Accommodations for Future Semesters
    • Make an appointment with Student Accessibility Services each semester; we recommend within the first two weeks of class
    • Fill out a Student Accessibility Services Request Form
    • Deliver the Notification of Student Accommodation Form(s) to each of your professors


For testing accommodations for extended time, test questions read or separate, quiet location for testing, it is the student’s responsibility to coordinate with their professor and the Office for Tutoring and Academic Development for scheduling purposes. This should be done as soon as possible.