Honors Program Testimonials

Rachel SullivanRachel Sullivan ’20

“The Honors Program truly encourages the freedom of the mind. You are exposed to a myriad of subjects you may not have otherwise had the chance to explore. You don’t only learn unique information in classes; the depth of understanding you gain can entirely shift the way you think. Professors and other students in the program, who are like a built-in support system, make the program a path to cultivate a well-rounded and meaningful education.”

Thomas LabriolaThomas Labriola ’20

“The honors program provided me with an easy transition into the university setting. It offered me the opportunity to immediately meet new people, whose friendships have lasted since. Taking classes together with the same cohort gave me a supportive network of friends and fellow students who have pushed me to further challenge and better myself. The honors program is an excellent choice career-wise – in addition to improving one’s self.”



Adriana LaurenAdriana Laurendi ’20

“Like most college freshmen, I was nervous about how I would make friends when entering college. However, the Honors Program gave me the chance to make long-lasting relationships with like-minded peers. We hang out all the time, and studying together is always fun. I am so glad I chose to be part of a program that not only opened my mind, but also provided me with friends that I will have for a lifetime.”

Dean GandleyDean Gandley ’19

“Being in the honors program is one of the most fulfilling experiences I have had while at St. Joseph's University. This program helped me meet some great friends and form strong bonds. It has also given me the ability to travel abroad and expand my knowledge about another country.”

Angela WibrewAngela Wibrew ’18

“Getting to know people with all different interests and even getting to travel to another country with some of them is something that most college students are not granted the opportunity to do. With the guidance of great professors and experiencing new courses with a close-knit group, the honors program made my St. Joseph's University experience an experience of a lifetime.”

Jase PanebiancoJase Panebianco ’17

“In college, you could have a different batch of 30 students for each of your classes. For me, the honors program changed that. I took challenging and degree-fulfilling courses with the same group of students over the two years. These students became my immediate friends. With the honors program, I had 25 friends that took the same classes as me, studied with me, and eventually traveled to Prague and Krakow with me.”

Victoria PanicolaVictoria Panicola ’19

“I believe the honors program is one of the best programs St. Joseph’s has to offer. It allows new students to make friends and develop a peer support group as they settle into life as a college student. The faculty members in the program encourage higher-level thinking and want to see all of the students succeed. In addition, our honors trip to Iceland has been the highlight of my college career thus far.”