Long Island Religious Studies Minor

Long Island Religious Studies Minor

Pursue your interests. Explore life’s greatest questions. Get ready.

By examining religion in the context of society, history and culture, St. Joseph's University’s religious studies minor can help deepen your knowledge of various religious traditions. 

St. Joseph’s courses enable students to appreciate the beliefs of all people within their cultural and historical development. Religious studies students also study the current complex issues of society from both a theological and moral viewpoint.

A religious studies minor can enhance personal interests, or it can be helpful for students who wish to teach in a religiously affiliated school or become engaged in a form of church-based ministry.

Get ready for wherever life takes you with a minor in religious studies from our Long Island campus.

Michelle BradfordMichelle Bradford ’21
Sociology Major with a Religious Studies Minor

"Through minoring in religious studies, I began to realize that my questions about this universe are so small compared to the wonders of God. The professors helped me have a passion for learning and opened my eyes to the endless possibilities of what path I can take with a minor in religious studies. They showed me within myself that God is present and helped deepen my faith."

The Long Island Religous Studies Minor Experience

Pair it with the Perfect Major: A minor in religious studies complements such majors as history, political science, psychology, business administration and English.


Get Ready for Graduate School: Students who minor in religious studies may wish to further their education, by pursuing a graduate degree in religious studies or theology.


Study Abroad: Global study and service-based trips abroad encourage a deeper understanding of the self and the fundamental questions of the world by encouraging students to immerse themselves in other cultures. Past trips abroad include travel to Oxford and Taiwan, as well as frequent volunteerism trips to Nicaragua.