Film and Media Studies Minor

Film and Media Studies Minor

Analyze traditional and new media. Put your passion for film to the test. Get ready.

Study a powerful contemporary and historical form of communication and expression: the moving picture.

Courses in SJNY's minor in film and media studies consist of interdisciplinary approaches to the analysis of cinema, covering works from the silent period to the present, from the United States and other nations, and from “mainstream” and “alternative” groups.

Students learn the art, history, technology, economics and theory of cinema, while also learning the language for analyzing such texts’ forms and practices. 

Daniella GraffeoDaniella Graffeo ’25
English Major with a Concentration in Adolescence Education and a Minor in Film and Media

"I chose the film and media minor because I find different ways of storytelling to be so interesting, especially in books and on-screen. I've watched and learned about the history behind many films, ranging from black-and-white classics to films made within the last year or two, and I've developed a fascination for them all. After exploring areas like screenwriting, film adaptations of literary works, the processes that go into making a film, and much more, this minor has inspired me to view films and other media forms in a new, exciting way."

The Long Island Film and Media Minor Experience

Match it with Your Major: A minor in film and media pairs well with such majors as English, journalism and new media studies, marketing, philosophy, psychology, sociology and speech.


Get Involved Outside the Classroom: Apply your interests outside the classroom through student clubs and organizations. Explore your passion for media by joining Studio 155, or dive into your creative side with the Drama Club.


Experienced Professionals: Study with professionals who are experts in their respective fields.