Long Island Chemistry Minor

Long Island Chemistry Minor

Broaden your knowledge base. Gain expertise. Get ready.

Build your academic record and highlight your area of interest beyond that of your major with a minor in chemistry.

Delve into curiosity-inspired research and innovation while taking theoretical and experimental classes, exploring the world around you at a deeper, more grounded level. Fine-tune your analytical, logical and critical thinking skills, enhancing your resume for a variety of fields.

Students majoring in biology often select a chemistry minor to broaden their scientific experience.

Gabriella Laviano ’25
Biology Major with a Concentration in Adolescence Education and a Minor in Chemistry

"Completing the chemistry minor at St. Joseph’s University has significantly advanced both my academic and professional pursuits. The knowledge gained has not only broadened my scientific perspective, but it will also prepare me for the chemistry teaching certification — a crucial asset for my future career in education. The accomplishments achieved through this minor will undoubtedly benefit me throughout my journey as an educator."

The Long Island Chemistry Minor Experience

Match it with Your Major: While biology and chemistry go hand-in-hand, a minor in chemistry also benefits such majors and mathematics and psychology.


Gain a Basic Understanding: Our introductory courses in chemistry are designed to provide students a closer look at the physical universe and of the impact of the physical sciences on society.


Learn from the Best: Study alongside faculty considered experts in their field.