Studio Arts Major

Studio Arts Major

A B.A. in Studio Arts, opens the door to a vast choice of potential careers and is excellent preparation for the advanced study in many areas.

The B. A. in Studio Arts is designed to provide students with a well-balanced education in a wide variety of media, and an in-depth study of a chosen area of concentration. It will also introduce historical and contemporary views of art, as well as theoretical and critical issues. Studio concentrations are available in the areas of painting, digital design, printmaking, ceramics and crafts as an art form. The degree requires 45 credit hours in art courses. It allows students to combine the study of studio art with broader liberal studies or a second major.

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Career Opportunities

Art educator, art therapist, exhibition artist, illustrator, photographer, photo editor, graphic designer, web designer, advertising designer, ux/ui designer, package designer, art/creative director, art agent/consultant, art gallery dealer, art journalist, art restoration conservator, arts administrator, museum director, curator, art historian