Computer Science Major

Computer Science Major

Our computer science majors will develop a sound technical background in computing and related areas. The computer science field is still increasing in demand and remains one of the fastest-growing careers in the United States.

Graduates with a degree in computer science can be found working as software engineers, computer programmers, animation and computer graphics specialists, web designers and cyber security analysts. Our curriculum is based on the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the premier organization for computer professionals. We combine a strong theoretical foundation with a focus on practical applications and our students are well prepared to enter the workforce upon graduation.

St. Joseph's University students have access to state of the art technologies and facilities on campus. All classes in the major are conducted in smart classrooms that make use of extensive pedagogical technology. Class sizes are small which encourages a positive learning environment and personal interaction with professors.

Internships for Computer Science Majors

Students can participate in internships at some of the industry’s foremost companies. Our internship program allows students to gain paid experience in the field, while they earn college credit towards the major. Most of our internships lead to full-time employment upon graduation.

St. Joseph's-Hofstra B.S./M.S. Partnership

St. Joseph's University computer science students with strong academic records are guaranteed enrollment in Hofstra University’s masters of computer science program. Save money by having 6 credits completed at St. Joseph’s count towards both degrees. Earn your master's degree in one additional year (24 credits) at Hofstra University.