Mathematics Degree

Mathematics Degree

Our students working toward their mathematics degree learn not only theoretical math, but applied mathematics such as the study traffic light sequences, airline routes, chaos theory and the algebra of Rubik's Cube.

Mathematics is the near-perfect undergraduate major. It provides the student with a deep, profound education and, simultaneously, with the tools to succeed in many careers. The reason is that the backbone of mathematics is pure deductive reasoning. This is a tool of near universal utility. 

Majoring in Mathematics at St. Joseph's University on Long Island is an excellent choice. Small class sizes and extensive use of pedagogical technology characterize the environment; intellectual exploration characterize the experience. Our St. Joseph's University bachelor of arts in mathematics program is also intended to give mathematics students a firm background for graduate education, not only in mathematics but in similar areas as well.

Mathematics Degree Career Options

Some career options for students with an undergraduate mathematics degree:

  • Education - schools are in need of good, qualified math teachers.
  • Research mathematician or college professor are excellent jobs. Statistician and financial analyst are career options that are in high demand.
  • For those not interested in the education field, you should know that most every major corporation in the industrialized world has mathematicians on staff.

Actuarial Strand

The department now offers an actuarial strand. This is a set of courses designed to prepare students for the first two actuarial exams. An actuary is one who applies mathematical tools to serve the insurance industry.

Preparing For a Graduate Degree?

We offer a B.S. in mathematics for those looking for moving on to a secondary degree in the field.