Long Island Chemistry Major

Long Island Chemistry Major

Gain essential knowledge. Make sense of the world around us. Get ready.

Frequently considered the “central science” due to the way it ties together applied, life and physical sciences, chemistry allows students to explore the world around them through a unique lens — like that of the microscope.

An undergraduate degree in chemistry from St. Joseph's University can prepare you for such work as a chemist in a variety of settings, like the Department of Health, pharmaceutical companies, beauty and personal product companies, the food industry (like a brewer) and chemical companies; as a patent agent; for nonprofit work in science policy; or for work with the Environmental Protection Act.

Chemistry majors can choose to add a concentration in biochemistry, business or adolescence education. Students study in small classes, working directly with faculty to gain hands-on laboratory experience. The laboratory facilities are equipped with instrumentation used in industrial and medical laboratories.

With SJNY’s chemistry major, students pursue their passion while preparing for a career path of their choosing.

The Long Island Chemistry Major Experience

Apply Your Knowledge: Students apply their skills to original research in organic chemistry, biochemistry and physical chemistry, leading to a senior thesis and research presentations.


Get Involved Outside the Classroom: Undergraduate students become involved in professional activities, working as laboratory assistants and as instructors in outreach programs for children and youth. They also participate in summer internships at research universities, and they attend conferences sponsored by the New York Academy of Sciences and the American Chemical Society.


Go on to a Graduate Program: St. Joseph’s alumni go on to get graduate degrees in such areas as academia, health and law.