Long Island Featured Modern Languages Students

Sonia DiazSonia Dias ’20
Spanish Major with a Concentration in Adolescence Education

"The modern languages department at St. Joseph's gave me a strong foundation to go to Granada, Spain, and flourish. I was able to hone in on my fluidity of speech in order to maintain a more natural conversation. Living in a Spanish-speaking country gave me the opportunity to see the nuances of the language in action. Experiencing the culture and language firsthand created a far deeper connection to Spanish than I could have ever gained from a textbook. It was such an enriching experience that will allow me to be able to teach more authentically moving forward in the future as a teacher."

Isabel OspinaIsabel Ospina ’20
Mathematics Major with a Minor in Spanish

"Having a minor in Spanish has opened my eyes to considerable cultural differences between my own and those abroad when I went to Nicaragua in a study abroad program. This minor has complemented my mathematics major with a focus on actuarial science by developing my social skills and awareness, while also fitting perfectly into the required coursework."

Christopher BrancoChristopher Branco ’21
Spanish Major with a Concentration in Adolescence Education

"The modern languages department has not only helped me improve my Spanish, but it has made me feel more comfortable speaking the language outside of the classroom. I have a strong passion for learning new ways to communicate with others, and I see foreign language communication as something that brings people together, no matter your skill level or background."

Julia BorisJulia Boris ’22
Spanish Major with a Concentration in Adolescence Education, Minor in Latino Studies

"As a Spanish major with a concentration in secondary education, I have chosen to minor in Latino studies because I feel it will help further develop my language skills, as well as provide me with an understanding of the culture and literature of the Spanish-speaking world. Some of my favorite foreign language classes were those where the teacher or professor brought their worldly knowledge and experiences with different cultures in the classroom. By combining my love for travel and knowledge of the Latin American culture, I can do the same."

Cody NapolitanoCody Napolitano ’19
Spanish Major with a Concentration in Adolescence Education

"The modern languages department helped prepare me for my career as a language teacher. The professors in this department are great examples of what it is to be an effective teacher. The things that I’ve learned and experienced from being a part of this program are what I try to emulate with my own students."

Julia SergisonJulia Sergison ’16
B.A. in Spanish with a Concentration in Adolescence Education

"The modern languages program and professors at St. Joseph's University helped reignite my passion for language after my freshman year at another university in the wrong major. It was so meaningful to me that this school reminded me of my love for learning and teaching. The professors are not only experts in their area, but are accomplished, interesting, generous people who push students to experience and live language and culture, rather than simply study it. Since graduating, I've worked abroad as a teacher of English to Spanish speakers at a nonprofit in the Dominican Republic, and now as a teacher of Spanish to English speakers at the high school from which I graduated."