Long Island Health Administration Department

Long Island Health Administration Department

Looking for a rewarding career in the health care industry?

Join one of the fastest growing careers with a degree in health administration from our Long Island campus. Our health administration graduates are suited for a variety of positions across the state and the country. While other segments of our economy are experiencing layoffs, downsizing, outsourcing and plant closures, health care is experiencing tremendous growth.

St. Joseph's University helps working adults lay the groundwork for career mobility among fellow health care professionals.

With online options, our graduates have gone on to hold careers in various areas, including assisted living, clinic and health information administration; and clinical, data, health care and medical practice management. The Department of Health Administration will prepare you for a broad range of careers in the health field. 

The Health Administration offerings at St. Joseph's University are designed to prepare students for leadership roles in the health care field. Find your calling today.

Heath Administration Programs


B.S. in Health Administration
Start your health care career, and lead the way.

Health administration covers a wide spectrum of professions, and many of our students already have credentials in the health fields. Some are in radiologic technology, nursing and medical records. Others, though, are just seeking to enhance their career prospects through this program.

Our B.S. in Health Administration develops administrative skills and knowledge through an extensive curriculum that includes organizational behavior, comprehensive health planning, human resources management, long-term health care administration, staff development, financial management and home care administration.

This major fosters the development of knowledge skills, intellectual skills, and personal value systems. The program provides students with the opportunity to explore and understand diverse ideas and cultures as they relate to the provision of health care services.


Curriculum (Professional)


Dual Degrees

Dual degree programs are designed to enable students to optimize financial resources and compress time spent at the university in order to accelerate the completion of both an undergraduate and graduate degree.

The dual degree options listed below are designed to support students seeking to enter or advance their careers in the health care field.

B.S. Health Administration and MBA
Accelerate your life. Accelerate your career.

Cut down on your expenses and your time in school with St. Joseph’s University, New York’s dual degree program, and earn a B.S. in Health Administration and an MBA. Gain the skills you need to succeed as a leader in health care and other fields and enter the workforce with polished managerial abilities, improved emotional intelligence and the kind of business expertise sought by top employers. 


B.S. Health Administration and MBA in Health Care Management
Advance your career.

Designed for adults working in the health care field, this dual degree program is a great option for those looking to advance to a senior managerial position. Our students build upon undergraduate courses in health administration while completing graduate level courses, saving them time and money.



B.S. Health Administration and MBA in Marketing
Pursue your passions.

Combine your unique interests by earning a bachelor’s degree in health administration and a master’s degree in marketing in just five years. Students develop their problem-solving, leadership, communication and business skills as they prepare to be highly motivated professionals in the area of marketing, whether in health care or other fields.