Long Island MBA in Marketing

Long Island MBA in Marketing

Unleash your creativity. Become an effective leader. Get ready.

Mindful that the marketing landscape continues to evolve, St. Joseph’s University’s MBA in Marketing provides a strong foundation in the business knowledge and skills required to succeed in today’s digital marketing environment. 

Our program guides students through the management process and helps them develop managerial abilities, driven by emotional intelligence, that are key to effective business leadership. 

Through interdisciplinary courses, students delve into such areas of marketing as consumer insights, e-commerce and quantitative analysis, with concentrations in digital marketing, logistics and marketing data analytics. Students will work in teams throughout the program to replicate cross-functional groups, which are used to address marketing issues in the real world.

Let St. Joseph’s University’s MBA in Marketing prepare you for your future as a leader.

Jerry GrossmanJerry Grossman
Director, Graduate Management Studies

"We're thrilled to offer an MBA in Marketing program here at St. Joe's. As the dynamics of marketing in today's digital and social media environment continue to evolve, we've developed a program that will prepare students to master the issues that challenge marketing professionals every day. With our faculty having real-world experience at many leading marketing corporations, our curriculum is designed to prepare our graduates for leadership roles as they pursue their career goals."

The Long Island MBA in Marketing Experience

In the Field: Our program prepares you for marketing director and chief marketing officer positions in small businesses, as well as with leading, multinational corporations.

Earning Potential: Marketing managers earned a median annual salary of $141,490 in 2020, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Career Snapshot: Managing creative teams, understanding how to achieve sales and marketing goals, creating new product plans and developing brand management skills are just some of the challenges marketers now face.

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