Organizational Management and M.B.A.

Organizational Management and M.B.A.

The dual degree program combines two already successful programs: the B.S. in Organizational Management and the M.B.A.

This program has been designed to allow adult students enrolled in the Professional Studies Division to complete both degrees in a time-shortened period. This is accomplished by allowing students to fulfill four major and/or general undergraduate electives with 500-level courses from the existing M.B.A. curriculum.

The undergraduate curriculum provides students with a strong foundation in business and the liberal arts. The graduate curriculum builds on this foundation and promotes the application of theoretical and quantitative knowledge to actual organizational issues while enabling students to develop the business leadership competencies associated with superior performance. The graduate program is a good option for students with an active life. The flexible schedule uses an every-other-week model, and students attend courses weekday evenings and Saturdays.

All of St. Joseph’s Graduate Management Studies programs emphasize the development of abilities associated with superior managerial performance and the application of theoretical and quantitative knowledge to everyday business situations. Every course emphasizes ethical behavior and social responsibility to stay true to the University motto, Esse non videri — "To be, not to seem."

The program is available on campus and online.