Long Island Mathematics Education Dual Degree

Long Island Mathematics Education Dual Degree

Pursue your passion in mathematics. Prepare to excel as an educator. Get ready.

With a dual degree in Mathematics Education at St. Joseph’s University, New York, students save time and money by earning bachelor’s and master’s degrees in just five years, all while preparing to become an effective math teacher at the middle and high school levels. 

Students in the program earn a B.A. or B.S. in Mathematics with a Concentration in Adolescence Education, as well as an M.A. in Mathematics Education. The dual degree program enables teaching professionals to use these expanded skills to motivate and engage a diverse population of students.

The graduate curriculum builds on the undergraduate foundation, promoting the application of theoretical and quantitative knowledge in an education environment while integrating technology. 

Get ready to make a difference in your future classroom sooner, with St. Joseph’s dual degree program in Mathematics Education. 

Jenna Trusnovec ’22, M.A. ’23
B.A. in Mathematics with a Concentration in Adolescence Education, M.A. in Mathematics Education

"Completing my mathematics degree at St. Joseph's has allowed me to not only graduate a semester early with a 4.0, but also while working full-time as a high school math teacher. I was hired immediately after graduation, and I was able to balance work-school-personal life as needed. The small class sizes, dedication from professors and provided resources at St. Joseph's are invaluable; you won't find it anywhere else."

The Long Island Mathematics Education Dual Degree Experience

Get Ahead, Fast: By enrolling in one of St. Joseph’s University’s dual degree programs, students save time and money while working toward their goals, earning two degrees in five years. 


Prepare for Your Future: Teachers in New York state are required to earn a master's degree within five years of beginning their careers. Pursuing a dual degree at St. Joseph's helps you stay on track for your future career.


Be In Demand: The United States is struggling with a severe shortage of math teachers, according to a recent article in Physics Today. There are hundreds of thousands of positions that need to be filled.