Long Island B.A. in Child Study and M.A. in Literacy and Cognition Dual Degree

Long Island B.A. in Child Study and M.A. in Literacy and Cognition Dual Degree

Those who can, teach. Those who teach, lead. Get ready.

Pursue your passion for molding minds and inspiring future generations with our meticulously crafted B.A. in Child Study and M.A. in Literacy and Cognition dual degree.

Those in the field of child study provide crucial building blocks in the lives of children, working with them from the very beginning as they grow and develop. By combining a Child Study degree with a master’s degree in Literacy and Cognition, students hone in on their desire to make a difference in children’s lives by helping them with their reading capabilities.

St. Joseph’s education program provides students with current practices and classroom experience. The program consistently ranks among the best teaching programs in the New York metropolitan area. 

Graduate with a deep understanding of how to help children struggling with their reading skills, and get ready to inspire young minds as they overcome their challenges.

Logan Lemorocco ’21
Child Study with a Concentration in Human Relations
Expected Graduation date for M.A. 2023

"As a recent graduate of the Child Study Program at St. Joseph’s University, I was given the tools necessary to confidently enter the teaching profession. Writing lesson plans, effective classroom management skills, administering assessments, and meeting the needs of all students are just a few aspects of a program taught by skilled, passionate professors. St. Joseph’s University laid the groundwork for a successful career in education. Therefore, I could not imagine attending another institution for my M.A. in Literacy and Cognition."

The Long Island Child Study and Literacy and Cognition Experience

Reach Your Goals: By graduation, you will have the qualifications for initial certification in four distinct areas in New York state — early childhood general education, early childhood special education, childhood general education and childhood special education. You’ll stand out among the crowd.

Help Stop the Problem Early: If a reading problem is identified at a young age and the proper intervention is applied, 90-95 percent of children "at risk" for reading failure will become fluent readers.

Get Ahead, Fast: The dual degree program can be completed in five years — including all prerequisites — allowing students to save time and money while they work toward their goals.