Brooklyn Fine Arts Minor

Brooklyn Fine Arts Minor

Express yourself with art. Find your passion. Get ready.

Follow your creative calling with a minor in fine arts.

Students who minor in fine arts learn to gracefully express themselves through different mediums, sharpen their critical thinking skills by interpreting the world around them, and develop a keen eye for improving a project’s aesthetic appeal. The talented faculty in the art department guide students to find their creative potential, leading graduates to a successful future in the arts.

The 24-credit fine arts minor blends the worlds of visual art and music, showing students how to incorporate the fine arts into their future careers. Graduates of the program develop aesthetic awareness, emotional expression, critical thinking skills and cultural exposure.

Sala YoshidaSala Yoshida
Senior, Studio Art Minor

"I personally believe that having an art background can be beneficial regardless of what you major in. Art has an intrinsic value in all areas of life on the deepest level. Whether art is something you are passionate about or something you are simply curious about, it can demonstrate to potential recruiters that you are able to approach tasks and problems in a forward-thinking and dynamic manner. Art is often associated with creativity and innovation, which is integral in almost every industry."

The Brooklyn Fine Arts Experience

Pair it with a Major: A minor in fine arts pairs well with many majors, including child study, adolescence education, therapeutic recreation and history. 


Talented Faculty: Our fine arts faculty are experienced artists and musicians who give students valuable insight in the field.


A Range of Opportunities: Students who minor in the arts apply the skills learned in their classes to their careers or continue their studies and earn an MFA.