Brooklyn Digital Design Minor

Brooklyn Digital Design Minor

Bring imaginative ideas to life. Learn the essential tools of digital design. Get ready.

Minor in digital design at St. Joseph’s and master the hardware, software and techniques used to succeed in the digital art field. Students in the program learn the concepts and techniques of digital media that are essential to navigating our modern digital world. 

Through a diverse set of courses, students get comfortable expressing themselves creatively using a variety of interactive and visual formats — including Adobe Photoshop. 

The digital design minor immerses students in such topics as advertising, web design, game design, photography, graphic design and more. 

The Brooklyn Digital Design Minor Experience

Range of Opportunities: Digital design prepares graduates for a wide range of careers, including web designer, creative director, photo editor, product designer and more. 


Internship Experience: Digital design minors often weave internships into their college experience, applying knowledge gained in class to real-world experience.


The Choice is Yours: A minor in digital design pairs well with such majors as communications studies, journalism and new media, business, computer science and more.