English Major

English Major

The Department of English at our Brooklyn campus gives students an inclusive and disciplined study of literature as well as fundamental writing and critical thinking skills.

Our English majors build bridges between canonical authors such as Chaucer, Shakespeare, Milton and Mark Twain and the marginalized yet deeply valuable perspectives of diverse ethnic, religious, and LGBT communities. We offer numerous courses that develop writing skills, including creative writing, script-writing, magazine writing, and advanced expository writing. We also have an exciting Film/Media Studies track. The English department participates in many interdisciplinary areas offering key courses in American Studies, Women’s Studies, Environmental Studies and Film/Media Studies.

Bachelor in English

While our accomplished professors bring wide-ranging interests and expertise to the table, all are committed to providing English majors with the skills and understanding of literature necessary to succeed in fulfilling careers and intellectual pursuits. Graduates with a Bachelors of English degrees have followed various careers, including teacher, biographer, book critic, columnist, communications manager, editor, publisher, literary agent, newscaster, playwright, poet, archivist, entrepreneur, technical writer, sports writer and speech writer. Majors are also accepted into graduate programs in English literature, literary theory, law, education and library science.

St. Joseph's University offers a B.A. in English, a B.A. for those interested in adolescent education, a concentration in English for child study majors and an English minor. We offer several online courses every semester, yet we remain committed to making the classroom a productive, challenging, yet delightful space for learning through literature and writing.