Featured Brooklyn Child Study Students

Alondra CabaAlondra Caba ’20, M.A. ’22
B.A. in Child Study, M.A. in Special Education

Caba teaches math, reading and writing as a general education teacher to third graders at Zeta Charter School.

Every day in my graduate classes, I get to reflect on my teaching and talk about the week’s challenges. During my time working toward my undergraduate degree and especially now as I pursue my master’s, St. Joseph's University taught me that no matter how hard the road gets, support and assistance will always be there for me. I am truly blessed to be part of such an amazing community, where my feelings, worries and concerns are valued.

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Marisa Nikas Marisa Nikas ’20
B.A. in Child Study with a Concentration in Human Relations

Nikas teaches students from kindergarten through second grade in a bridged class at District 75 Schools in the P4K Building.

St. Joseph's University gave me the opportunity to work with a range of students and teachers in various settings. I learned how to create lesson plans, units and different curriculums, and how to navigate systems with the school, including Seis, Google Classroom, and Stars. The Child Study program prepared me to teach grades birth through second grade (early childhood), first through sixth grade (childhood education) and special education.

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Katherine DaninoKatherine Danino ’07, M.A. ’09
B.A. in Child Study, M.A. in Literacy and Cognition

Danino teaches at P.S. 52 in Brooklyn.

When I think about my first year teaching, I remember that it was really hard … But I was prepared. When I reflect on that, and my time at St. Joe’s, I realize I was prepared to be in my first classroom, and I was prepared to be part of a school community. I felt ready, and I had a passion for it.

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Andrew WenzlerAndrew Wenzler ’21, M.A. ’23
B.A. in Child study with a Concentration in Speech, M.A. in Literacy and Cognition

St. Joseph's University is the best school I could have asked for. I’ve learned how to become a great teacher, explored my passion for service, and I’ve made friends that will last a lifetime. I am forever grateful for the impact St. Joseph's has left on my life.

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Jocelyn Panameno Jocelyn Panameno ’18, M.A. ’20
B.A. in Child Study, M.A. in Literacy and Cognition

Panameno teaches at P.S. 255 in Brooklyn.

Trust the education you received at St. Joseph’s. I saved most of my stuff and believe it or not: at some point, you will go back to them and say, ‘I’m so happy I did a demo IEP.’ A lot of the paperwork in the IEPs and intervention plans go into your teaching and helping you be the best teacher in the classroom. They start to go hand-in-hand, and they start to become less scary, and you start to see how important they are.

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