Featured Brooklyn Literacy and Cognition Students

>Mary Anastasia OppermanMary Anastasia Opperman '15
M.A. in Literacy and Cognition 

"Entering any job interview following my years at St. Joseph's University has always resulted in an ecstatic response. My interviewers have always noted teachers entering the work force from St. Joseph's University bring with them an abundance of creativity, persistence and eagerness to work hard for their students. Currently, I am working as a Pre-K teacher for the public school system in Brooklyn, NY. After receiving my masters in Literacy and Cognition I was hesitant on how I would use the skills and strategies learned throughout those two years with my young students, however, it may in fact be the most important time to teach the importance of literacy. All of the domains of a child's development- physical, social-emotional, cognitive, language and literacy are interrelated and interdependent. Early reading experiences, opportunities to build vocabulary, purposeful conversations and literacy-rich environments are the best ways to support the development of students pre-reading and cognitive skills; ensuring that children are prepared for success in school and of course life. St. Joseph's University has equipped me with the tools to make these experiences a possibility every day for my students and I am forever grateful."

Christina Curatola '18
M.A. Literacy and Cognition

"The Literacy and Cognition program at St. Joseph's University has taught me much more than simply being a literacy specialist. This program has enlightened me in terms of not only understanding various reading behaviors, but how to support students through hands on and engaging activities. The Literacy and Cognition program has made me a better educator and has opened up many opportunities for me such as assessing students school-wide and analyzing literacy data throughout my building."

Carol (Mauriello) FerrantinoCarol (Mauriello) Ferrantino '12
M.A. in Literacy and Cognition 

"The Literacy and Cognition Master’s degree program at St. Joseph's University well prepared me for my current role as Literacy Coach at P.S.200 in Brooklyn. I am thankful for the knowledgeable faculty, the resources provided, and the hands on experiences that I received throughout the program. I was given the opportunity to advance in my career because I have achieved this master’s degree. It is essential that educators today learn how to teach their students to read, write, and communicate in a variety of ways in order to prepare them to be active members of society. My current position as literacy coach is enabling me to help teachers carry out this important work. I am also finishing an Educational Leadership Program in order to further advance in my career. I hope to become an assistant principal one day. I know that the education that I received at St. Joseph's University will help me achieve this goal!"

Caitlin PolizanoCaitlin Polizano '14
MA Literacy and Cognition

"The Literacy/Cognition program is designed to educate teachers to meet the diverse literacy needs of their students.  The staff is supportive and helped guide me to bridge the link between promoting child interest by engaging students in stimulating literacy activity.  This program has allowed me to not only become a skilled Special Education teacher but also act as my school's Special Education Liaison."

Gina Peterson '14
M.A. Literacy and Cognition

"The Literacy and Cognition program at St. Joseph's fully prepared me to meet the reading needs of both typical students and students with special needs. I am grateful for my experience every time a colleague asks a question and I can lean back on my knowledge of assessments, interventions, and supports to widen my impact. Without the program, I would not feel as confident in the classroom as I do now."