Brooklyn Advanced Certificate in TESOL

Brooklyn Advanced Certificate in TESOL


Share your passion for the English language. Take your career further. Get ready.

With skills and knowledge obtained through our Advanced Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) program, you will be ready to make even more of a difference in the lives of students in grades K-12 whose first language is not English. 

Designed for certified teachers who already hold a master’s degree, the TESOL advanced certificate program will prepare you with new skills and methods to set your students up for classroom success. Our experienced faculty will help you polish your literacy and language teaching techniques, cultivate an understanding of the roles of linguistics and grammar in second-language learning, and develop expertise in teaching core subject areas in the students’ native language and in English. 

Graduate Certificate in TESOL

The ability to teach students whose first language is not English is a invaluable skill. Our advanced certificate combines a balance of theory and practice, which will help you create a welcoming and inclusive learning environment for your students — regardless of their native language. 

Get ready to improve the educational experience for speakers of other languages and earn your TESOL certification in New York state.

The Brooklyn Advanced Certificate in TESOL Experience

Competitive Certificate: The education departments at St. Joseph's University consistently rank among the best teaching programs in the New York metropolitan area — leading our graduates to enjoy high job placement ratings. 


Career Growth: Certified TESOL educators are in high demand across the United States, with New York being among the states with the highest need, according to


An All-Around Education: The Advanced Certificate in TESOL has the support of our child study and adolescence education departments, allowing students to learn about a diverse range of topics, including required courses in literacy and cognition and childhood special education. If the students’ bachelor’s degrees are in adolescence education, they gain exposure to clinical work in elementary schools, and vice versa.

Flexible Online Schedule

Our online courses are taught synchronously which allows students to interact with faculty and classmates in real time.  This format eliminates many of the barriers faced by the professionals in our program as it allows them to work from anywhere and removes the need for them to travel to campus on a regular basis.